30 Mayıs 2008 Cuma

keep away,keep your black ships away
ıve got seven oceans to cross
these are the strangest days ıve been through
hung myself on a liars cross
farewell farewell to the word as ı know
alas those were false signals of life
wrapped in plastic,wrapped to rot
pull the plug turn me off have me undone
these voices whisper the very wicked way
as ı stare stoned to the evening sky
ı dream the single serving dreams of paper lives
stepping on each other to reach new highs
shine on shine like hell my mirror eyes
shine like medals for greedy pasts
ı need more glamour,to ride new labor
ı need white flavor to feed my lust
crash boom bang boom crash boom bang
synthetic heroes, plastic fangs
crash boom bang boom crash boom bang
captive honor invisible hands

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